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REGENYAL IDEA LIPS is a Biorivolumetria product based on cross-linked and intercalated Hyaluronic acid that naturally adapts to the lips optimizing them. It is a mono-phase gel specifically designed for lips' treatments and presents: LOWER VISCOSITY it can be injected with 30G needles) EFFICIENT POST-TREATMENT CONTROL HYDRATION AND IMPROVED TURGOR.


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REGENYAL IDEA BIO-EXPANDER is a remarkable Biorivolumetria product, that enables a complete rejuve- nation of the face through volumetric correction and tissue re-structuring. The product integrates perfectly and follows natural shapes. Injected into the subcutane- ous layer, the product will improve the skin in terms of elasticity, hydration, turgor, stimulation and recovery of the adipose tissues. The properties of REGENYAL


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REGENYAL SUPER IDEA is a re-absorbable Biorivolumetria product (sterile, apyrogenic and physiological gel) to be used as filling material for: VOLUME RESTORATION CORRECTION OF DEEP SKIN SAGGING Its main component is cross-linked and intercalated Hyaluronic Acid of non animal origin and obtained through bacterial fermentation.

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